Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Baby Knits

I'm blessed to have many babies in my life to knit for. Aren't they cute?

Umbilical Cord Hat that I knit for little c, picture taken by his mama 10/7/2007
[aside for Wanderlust Lost Knits ... yes, this is R's baby! Can you believe it?]

Strawberry Hat I knit for my dear Peanut, at the pumpkin patch, 10/7/2007

I finished the 13th repeat of the kimono shawl and am temporarily putting aside while I push on through to the end of the chevron. But, in case I start to go crazy, I've also cast on for the stitch-sampler baby blocks in this gorgeous Cascade 220 rainbow:

I could just take pictures for hours. There are more on my Flickr too.

I started with the purple heather. OMG, I love this yarn (color, texture, knitting with it) so much I want to knit a sweater in it. Me, a sweater. I don't wear sweaters, especially ones made of wool. I live in the Pacific Northwest, sweaters are too hot here. I don't look particularly good in sweaters. And it would take a lot of yarn and stitches to knit a sweater that would fit me well. But wouldn't Rogue as a cardigan or Arwen look just lovely in this yarn?


tiennie said...

So adorable!

Bobbi said...

so pretty!

Kent said...

Oh, very cute indeed :)

Love the purple heather too, wonderful closeup photo!


Arianne said...

Oooh...little C is so beautiful. I love him!!!

R must be SO proud of him!! :)

And I love the rainbow yarn!