Thursday, October 23, 2008

Project Spectrum Air

I realized that I've been delinquent about posting the second half of Project Spectrum Elements here on The Potential of Yarn. We've already seen Fire and Earth. June and July were dedicated to the element of Air.

PS Elements - Air

1. White Asters, 2. Seagull Riding the Thermals, 3. Rainbow at Sunset, 4. Clouds, 5. Salal Blossoms with Bee, 6. Dogwood, 7. Storm Clouds and Sun Breaks, 8. Chestnut Flower, 9. Storm Clouds, 10. White Cherry Tree, 11. Sunset Cloud, 12. View of the Olympic Penninsula, 13. White Cherry Blossoms, 14. Waxing Crescent Moon, 15. Tree & Sky, 16. White Clematis, 17. Sun Rays, 18. Sun & Sky, 19. White Dahlia, 20. Washington State Ferry, 21. Pali Ke Kua Beach Sunset, 22. White Dahlia, 23. Seagull, 24. White Rose, 25. Deception Pass

PS Elements - Air (Knitting)

1. Sampler Baby Blanket, 2. 20 Finished Squares, 3. Silk Lace, 4. Romney, 5. My First Handspun, 6. Two Singles, 7. More of My Handspun!, 8. My Handspun!, 9. Yarn Cake, 10. Pale Sky Over Sugared Violet, 11. Winter Sky, 12. Sock Hop - You Babe, 13. Ripples, 14. Ripples 2, 15. Fade Away, 16. Scarf Folded, 17. Stitch Detail, 18. Gift Yarn, 19. Celtic Plait Scarf, 20. Celtic Plait Scarf, 21. Schewe Baby Alpaca yarn, 22. Embossed Twining Leaves Blanket Square, 23. Chain Links Cables, 24. Bjars Hitches Cables, 25. St. Brigid Swatch

One of the cool things that happened during PS Air was that I learned to spin, as I've already described in detail here. (Sadly, not much spinning since then, although I have stashed some lovely hand-dyed fibers). I'm happy to report that I did finish the Sampler Baby Blanket during PSE Air. I do still have a stack of 12 blanket squares left over, so there will eventually be a second baby blanket.

And, in personal news, I started grad school a few weeks ago. I am now find my knitting time cut back rather severely, so this blog will probably be fairly quiet until June 2010. I'll still post as time allows.