Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Great Feather & Fan Shawl Project of 2008

Seeing as today is the last day of 2008, I decided I really needed to get this shawl photographed and posted to the blog.


Pattern: Pacific Waves Shawl by Danielle Miner
Yarn: Sundara Aran Silky Merino in Charcoal over Blue Lagoon
Needles: US size 10 / 6 mm
On Ravelry

I originally started this shawl in Crown Mountain Sock Hop, but I didn't like how it knit up. Re-done in Sundara Aran Silky Merino in Charcoal over Blue Lagoon gave me pretty much exactly the shawl I wanted. The yarn is gorgeous, soft, and warm. And the color, totally delicious.


I was so delighted when I finished it that I started wearing it every where even though I hadn't blocked it. I think I've decided I like it as it is. I wouldn't mind if the scalloped edges would lay a little flatter, but I think blocking would stretch it out too much and make it much too large for me.

Ripples Waves

The other thing I really love about this pattern in the L-shape. There is a nice point that hangs down the back, but generous arms that lay across the front too. No slipping or bunching. I'm going to work on turning some of my favorite patterns into L-shaped shawls, I think.

Turbulence Point

A big winner in my book.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Knitting Calendar

And now for something completely different. I've turned some of my knitting photography into a calendar that is available on my CafePress store. A few of my favorite shots:

I apologize that it is so close to the new year - typically I make my calendars by the beginning of November - but the demands of grad school meant that I couldn't get to it until my break started. I plan to make greeting cards with the same images, but it may be spring break before I can really get to them.

Xmas Knitting

A series of snowstorms has swept through Seattle during the last two weeks. Since the city isn't well equipped in the ways of plows, and I have a lot of anxiety about driving in the snow (due to a near miss two years ago), I haven't been able to mail Xmas knitting packages yet. However, I have been able to finish a slew of small projects. I'm taking a risk that my family might see this before they get their mail, but I don't think they really read my blog. So, hats for three generations: my father, brother, and nephew.

Christmas Hats

Pattern: Koolhaas by Jared Flood (pictured right)
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Peat Mix
Needles: US size 6 & 8
On Ravelry

I love how this hat looks, but found the knitting to be a little fiddly, with all of the cable crosses. I was not able to master knitting without a cable needle, and hope to if I knit this again.

Pattern: Turn A Square by Jared Flood (pictured center)
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Peat Mix and Charcoal Mix colorways, held doubled
Needles: US size 10 / 6.0 mm (9 / 5.5 mm for ribbing)
On Ravelry

I really like this pattern, as you'll see. I like knitting doubled; it goes very quickly and makes a warmer hat. The two colors are both dark and that makes the striping very subtle.

Pattern: Pro Bono by Angelina Fagan (pictured left)
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Peat Mix and Charcoal Mix colorways, held doubled
Needles: US size 9 / 5.5 mm
On Ravelry

Another Pro Bono, a simple and quick ribbed hat that can expand with a growing head. I like this pattern but think it's just too long. I'm hoping the hat can be warn with the brim turned up because I really don't feel like ripping out and shortening this hat before I can actually put it in the mail.

Darkside Cowl

Pattern: Darkside Cowl by Sarah Fama
Yarn: Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk in Navy
Needles: US size 7 / 4.5 mm
On Ravelry

I knit a quick cowl for my SIL. This is a nice ribbed pattern which gives the cowl some structure. The yarn is soft, however, just like the Ultra Alpaca, I found it to be sheddy. Is all alpaca yarn like this? Because I'm not too fond of the shedding.

Scarf & Hat Set

Pattern: Kim's Hats by Kim Hamlin
Yarn: Filatura Di Crosa 127 Print in 33 - Dark Grey
Needles: US 6 & 7
on Ravelry

I knit the hat to go with the garter-stitch scarf my partner knit for our friend Chris. The yarn struck me as a bit scratchy and I had a little trouble getting into the project (I wanted to make it warmer but did not have enough yarn), but once I finally got it going, I really like the project. It was really fun to have the splashes of color show up in seemingly random fashion as I knit - and no pooling! This took a little bit over one skein of yarn.

I've been knitting somethings for myself, too, but I'll wait to finish before posting more.

A Baby Shower Set

I'm hoping to get caught up on my knitblogging during my winter break from school and work, although a couple FOs still need photoshoots. In any case, a little set for a baby shower:

Shower Gift

Hat Pattern: Baby Watchcap by Nikol Lohr
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Mediumweight in Lagoon
Needles: US size 4 / 3.5 mm
on Ravelry

I knit with smaller yarn and needles than the pattern called for. I swatched in the 3x3 rib and found gauge based on an average of the swatch relaxed and stretched fully out. I cast on 90 stitches and added a few extra plain knit/purl rows during the early decrease rows to compensate for the thinner yarn.

Mitten Pattern: Baby Mittens by Malin Nilsson
Yarn: Blue Moon Fiber Arts Mediumweight in Lagoon
Needles: US size 2.5 / 3.0 mm
on Ravelry

My gauge was different from the pattern, so I CO 26 stitches for the ribbing and increased to 33 stitches for the hand.

Both were quick to knit up and so very cute when done. The STR is a good yarn choice. I like the Baby Watchcap pattern, because the ribbing can expand with a growing baby head, making the hat longer wearing than many baby knits, and the Baby Mittens are very cute.