Sunday, April 6, 2008

Project Spectrum: Fire

I love Lolly's theme for Project Spectrum this year - the four elements. I haven't been participating as much as I'd like because I have a few too many things going on in my life right now (homework for a photography certificate that I am taking, a photo show that is currently hanging, two open positions at work that I need to fill, recent travels, and of course, knitting). Even though it is a week into the new element, earth, already, I finally got a moment to put together a retrospective of pictures for the element of Fire.

Like I said, many of these pictures I never posted to the Flickr or Ravelry groups, and many of them certainly pre-date February, when the Fire theme began. But I have quite a few pictures that matched the red, orange, pink, Fire theme that I wanted to share.

1. Tuscany Lace Pattern Detail, 2. Tuscany Lace Pattern Detail, 3. Kimono Shawl Lace Pattern Detail, 4. Kimono Shawl with Yarn, 5. Kimono Shawl with Yarn, 6. Rumpled, 7. Kimono Shawl Detail, 8. Strawberry Hat, adult size, 9. Strawberry Hat, 10. Heart Graffitti, 11. Fruit Loops, 12. Colorful, 13. Red Yarn Cake, 14. Orange Yarn Cake, 15. Sunset Heather, 16. Candied Chrome, 17. Sundara Sock Yarn, 18. Burnt Cranberry, 19. Burgundy, 20. Burgundy, 21. Fence, 22. Fiestaware, 23. VW Door Handle, 24. VW Headlight, 25. Sweatshirt

1. Bandana Detail, 2. Bandana Detail, 3. Tomatoes, 4. Japanese Maple Leaves, 5. Lace Leaf Japanese Maple, 6. Strawberry Harvest, 7. First Berry Picking, 8. Rose, 9. Burning the Sacred Woods, 10. Burning the Sacred Woods, 11. Pink Tulip Macro, 12. Parrot Tulip, 13. Orange Rhododendrons, 14. Cherry Tree in Bloom, 15. Fire, 16. Candle Trio, 17. Fire Elemental Candle, 18. Fire Elemental Candle, 19. Red Dahlia with Bee, 20. Hot Pink-n-White Dahlia, 21. Red Dahlia, 22. Orange-Pink Dahlia, 23. Orange Hibiscus, 24. Somoan Fire-Knife Dancing, 25. Lughnasadh Bonfire

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