Thursday, April 10, 2008

10 Skeins of Sock Hop

I played around with my camera and the 10 skeins of Sock Hop Yarn that I've collected for the Great Feather & Fan Shawl Project of 2008.

I'm trying to get a better sense of how the colors work together. At first, I didn't really like how the "In the Skies" blue (lighter, with pink) was so different from the "A Hard Day's Night" shade of blue (darker, with green). But now I'm thinking it will all go together very nicely.

What do you think?


Lolly said...

let's just say that this yarn has AMAZING potential! wow, I love the colors and textures... can't wait to see more!

cosymakes said...

i think it will be more than smashing :)

Anonymous said...

Oh this is one project I can't wait to see. I'm a lurking Crown Mountian sock hop spinner, and I recognize some of my children in your pile. I am not a knitter and so rarely get to see what happens to the yarn I spin. Thanks for posting!