Wednesday, January 30, 2008

73,944 Stitches

I knit the last stitch on Saturday afternoon. The Kimono Shawl is done.

Well, the knitting is, anyway. I haven't blocked it yet - I ordered blocking wires and they haven't arrived yet. Pre-blocking dimensions are 17 inches wide by 72 inches (6 feet, y'all) long.

I am so delighted with it that I've been wearing it almost everywhere. I can't wait to see it after blocking and will certainly post when I do.

Part of me was sad to finish because I enjoyed the knit so much. So I've already cast on another shawl (Ravelry link) and am swatching for yet another.


Alice said...

That's a lot of stitches! It's so pretty, and is going to be even more gorgeous blocked :)

tiennie said...

It's so pretty! Can't wait to see it blocked!