Friday, June 20, 2008

Overly Ambitious?

* Number of days spent on my recent trip to Portland, OR: 3
* Number of knitting-hours spent in the car on said trip: 7
* Number of knitting projects I brought with me: 4
* Number of projects I actually worked on: 1
* Number of rows I knitted on said project during said 7 hours: 20
* Number of minutes each row took me, on average: 21

When planning for a trip, I seem to think every minute spent away from home will be spent knitting. But between navigating for my partner while driving through an unfamiliar town, time spent visiting with friends and family, time spent photographing kids playing, and time playing with the kids, there wasn't a whole lot of knitting that actually happened. I also always seem to forget how long those final rows of triangular lace shawls are! I seem to think that 20 rows left means I'll be done in about an hour. No, not so much.

* Number of knitting stores I visited in Portland: 1
* Number of skeins of yarn I bought: 0
(Took some willpower though! Knit/Purl had an amazing Koigu selection! My subscription to the Sundara Seasons Club, my desire to only purchase yarn I can't get at home, and my partner standing next to me, kept me from walking away with a lovely souvenir.)

I did finish knitting the Icy Shetland Triangle shortly after I made it home from the trip.

Pattern: Shetland Triangle by Evelyn A. Clark
Yarn: Sundara Sock Yarn in Pale Skies over Sugared Violet, approx 1.7 skeins
Needles: US size 6

Two skeins of the yarn, 700 yards, brought me to a finished shawl of 13 lace repeats plus the edging. I'm pretty sure there is enough yarn left that I could have done 14 repeats. Pre-blocked, it's measuring 50.5 x 21 inches. Which brings me to another statistic:

* Number of finished shawls I still need to block before they are "FOs": 3

(From top to bottom: Icy Shetland Triangle, Lace Leaf Shawl, and Tuscany.)


knitography said...

I love that bottom picture! The combo of colour and texture is lovely.

Firefly Nights said...

Your trip knitting sounds like me. On our last Michigan trip I packed my large wheeled knitting tote so I'd have everything I needed once we got there, plus a smaller bag with a couple of projects in it that I could work on going down the road. I did manage to finish one scarf that only had a little left to do on it, and then gave up on another after I decided I'd wait until later to figure out where the mistake was that made my stitch count off. Never had time to touch any of it again during the trip, and although I did locate three yarn shops in Marquette, we were there in the evening when they were all closed. I'm taking a lot less for the next trip and maybe I'll get some of it done.

luckylily said...

Your little pile of shawls is lovely!

I can relate...On a recent 5 day trip from Seattle to LA I took enough knitting to keep me busy for about a month and I knit very little other than the airplane time. I figure it is better to have too much knitting handy than not enough, not much worse than having time to knit and no project nearby.

tiennie said...

Wow! Your shawls are so pretty!