Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lace Inspiration version 2

Do you remember this? (My post from June 2007 about how much I wanted to knit lace, and the shawls knit by others that were inspiring me to take the plunge.)

Welcome to January 2009:

Lace Inspiration v. 2

1.Lace & Rhodedendron, 2. Fade Away, 3. Tuscany Shawl Detail, 4. Lace Leaf, 5. Shetland Triangle Detail, 6. Falling Leaves Shawl, 7. Winding Road, 8. Folded, 9. Diamonds

These are the shawls I've knit since June 2007. (Okay, Juno Regina is still a WIP). Next month will mark three years since I started knitting, and I'm pretty pleased to see myself accomplishing what I set out to learn to do and to create.


emileeknits said...

Those are beautiful!

Siena said...

Very impressing! I have knit more than three years, but havent`t dared to try to knit a shawl until now. I`ve done two pattern repeats of Shetland Triangle, and have to admit I am loving it! (and am a bit proud ;)

WackyAuntie said...

Fantastic! An inspiration to be sure. I'm looking to start my first honest to goodness laceweight knit next month and seeing your progress in just 3 short years of knitting...Wow... Now if I could only get my photos to look as lovely as yours. They are some of my favorites out there. Thanks for the great lacey mosaic inspiration.

Firefly Nights said...

Your lace projects are gorgeous. You should be very proud of them. They look lovely all posted together.