Sunday, January 9, 2011

2010 in review

I did say I was done blogging here, but I put together these lovely 2010 FO mosaics and wanted to share. Links will take you to the original picture on Flickr.

Yarns I Spun, and the Fiber they Came From
2010 Spinning FOs

1. Corduory and Flannel, 2. 4 oz superfine merino, 3. Fangorn, 4. 5 oz BFL, 5. Snobby Spinners, 6. Two-ply, 7. Superwash Merino, 8. Carolina Red, 9. Indigo-Dyed Fiber, 10. Indigo-Dyed Swirl, 11. Underworld, 12. Underworld Swirl, 13. Bonnie Lass, 14. Plump Three Ply, 15. Sticks and Stones, 16. Hand-Carded Rolags, 17. Gradient Skeins, 18. Fleece!, 19. Mini Navaho-Ply Skeins, 20. Gray Flannel, 21. Gray Flannel, 22. October 2010 High Society club, 23. FLUFF High Society, 24. Argyle, 25. Corriedale Top, 26. Dead Leaves, 27. Black Sea, 28. Fulled, 29. Humbug BFL, 30. 325 yards

My Knitted FOs
2010 Knitting FOs

1. Twisted, 2. Ruffled Scarf, 3. Shawlette/Scarf, 4. Charcoal Daybreak, 5. Mitts, 6. Twin Bibs, 7. Pretty Thing FO, 8. Pinned, 9. Mocha Darkside Cowl, 10. Abstract Leaves Cowl, 11. Ammonite, 12. Lil' Bit yet again, 13. Sunglasses Case, 14. Vertical Keyhole Scarf, 15. Vertical Keyhole Scarf, 16. Planetarium and Peapod, 17. Jalepeno and Blackberry, 18. Fedora for the Trim, 19. Ruffle, 20. Back, 21. Jojo Hat, 22. Orange and Red with Black, 23. Dane Shawl, 24. Pinned, 25. Multnomah-esque, 26. Irish Hiking Hat, 27. Buttonholes, 28. Trimmed, 29. Holiday Birds, 30. On the Tree


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