Friday, May 9, 2008

Photo Query

Since last fall, I've been enrolled in photography certificate course at the UW here in Seattle. It's been a really good course for me. I've been a photographer for more than 20 years, but never was very technical. And I'm still not especially technical - to me, photographs are about images and art rather than technology - but I've learned a lot, especially about how to use Photoshop much better. And I've also learned a lot about how one might make a living as a photographer, which has been very exciting.

For two of the three quarters of the program, we've been working on individual projects. Somehow, mine ended up being on knitting and yarn. I started with this idea that a dream photo job for me would be to shoot for a knitting book, and so started trying to do product shots. But my teacher pushed me into a more fine-art kind of place, where the pictures ended up being semi-abstract, more about color and line, pattern and texture.

I'm just a few weeks away from the final project being due. I've narrowed images down to 13, but have to pick a final six. I'd appreciate you're input if you're willing to weigh in. You can see all images on my Photo Class set on Flickr, but I'll post small images below too.

Here are three that I've decided will be in the final set:

I'd like to include one of these. Which do you like better? (Red/Kimono Shawl or Grey/Shetland Triangle.)

I'd like to include one of these too. Which do you like better? (Green/Morehouse Farm Merino or Blue/Sundara Yarn.)

And one last one from these 6 choices:
Chevron Scarf
Feather & Fan
Dropping Away
Scarf Folded
Lace Leaf Shawl
Tuscany Shawl

I'd be most appreciative of comments left here with your opinions.


Joanna said...

Your photography is always jaw-droppingly beautiful but of the sets you posted, I'm partial to Red/Kimono Shawl (stunning knit and photo!) and Green/Morehouse Farm Merino. Your last set was especially nice. I like the Chevron Scarf for its lovely play of color but also the Tuscany Shawl because your depth of focus gave the the stitches a nice textural contrast. Good luck with your project!

Skylark said...

Grey/Shetland Triangle for the rhythm and the round ball shape reflecting the curves.

Then the Blue Sundara, which I prefer even before having selected the grey above. I like the focus of the foreground and the skein at top.

Tuscany for the color or Chevron. Details in both are fantastic. Actually as I look back I vote the Chevron.

All are lovely and winners in my mind so whichever you choose will work. Best wishes! Skylark

knittink said...

I always enjoy your great photos (though I've never commented here before).
My selection would be:
Red/Kimono Shawl, as the colour is so vibrant.
Blue/Sundara Yarn, as you made the yarn look very soft.
Lace Leaf Shawl, as I like the symmetry and the more blurry leaves in the background.

meg said...

Your photos are amazing! I really like the gray Shetland Triangle and the blue Sundara yarn. In the third set, I'm torn between the Tuscany Shawl (amazing color and detail) and the Scarf Folded - it's more subtle but makes you look longer, picking out the individual stitches and colors. Lovely!

Kimberli (aka Wacky Auntie) said...

Great photos. I'll check out the rest on Flickr. For now here's what I think would be nice in your final set:

Grey Shetland Triangle
Blue Sundara Yarn
And either Dropped Away or Lace Leaf

These three go well together. It's a hard choice! I also loved the Chevron and Tuscany too.

Good luck and I'll look forward to seeing the final result.

Cheryl said...

love the Grey Shetland, the circle patterns catch the eye.
I like the way the shadows play on the Green Morehouse.
And I have to vote for a feather and fan picture, because I'm a sock-hop spinner and my ego entered the picture.

Neuroknitter said...

I have only recently found your blog, but have so enjoyed your photography!
All your options are lovely, but I would vote for:

Red/Kimono Shawl; the shadow does not block as much of the detail as in the other option...the ball of yarn just blends in with the shawl...I love it!
Blue/Sundara yarn; I like the subtle pops of blue in it.
It's a tie between the Lace Leaf and Tuscany shawls.

Good luck! And Congratulations on completing the course!!