Monday, June 25, 2007

Baby Bibs

I knit these back in March, April, May - but only this last weekend did they go to the happy mamas-to-be, so only now do I feel free to post the pictures. This post is going to be on the picture-heavy side, since I'm terribly proud of them.

After killing my arm with the last baby blanket I made, I decided I needed to knit something easier and quicker for my other pregnant friends. I considered sweaters and various toys, but finally decided on bibs.

I looked and looked for a pattern for bibs that I liked, but couldn't find one. I didn't want something in garter stitch, and the flower petal bib, while lovely, was more complicated than I wanted. I finally decided to make my own pattern, so this is also my first design.

It's a pretty simple stockinette with a garter edge pattern, with I-cord ties. I traced a real baby bib on a piece of paper and knit more or less to those dimensions.

The yarn is Crystal Palace Yarns "Bunny Hop" - 50% microacrylic, 42% micronylon, 8% rabbit angora
The needles I used are Clover Bamboo, US size 6

These two went to a baby girl who was due last Wednesday ... haven't heard yet if she's made it into the world.

These two went to a baby boy who is due in two to three weeks.


tiennie said...

I love the colors! What great presents!

Mette said...

I like these :-)

Golfheader said...

Love the baby bibs! I would love to try knitting a couple for my new grandbaby. Maybe I could write his name on the bib?