Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Stash

I don't have a big stash. I buy yarn with projects in mind - there's only been one exception to that, when I purchased a skein of camel yarn less than a month ago, because I would be crazy to pass up 100% camel wool yarn, wouldn't I?

And I do generally use the yarn for the intended project, although two skeins (Tahki Donegal Tweed and Noro Korchoran) were not right for their intended projects. They are now orphaned, and I'm not sure what they'll end up becoming.

I have received some gifts of yarn from my knitting mentor - some handspun wool in a warm chocolate color, the gray baby alpaca that has graced these pages before, and a cashmere/Persian angora lace weight:

Add to the yarns I mention above the eight+ skeins of Plymouth Yarn's Encore 25% wool 75% acrylic that I'm using on my sampler blanket, and you have pretty much my entire stash.

(See more of my yarn portraits, and in bigger sizes, on my Flickr.)

So, three single skeins of worsted/bulky yarn that are orphaned. Worsted brown wool that would make a nice sweater, but I'm not ready to make a sweater. Cobweb black thread that is best saved for when I have a few lace projects under my belt. I tried, oh so valiantly, to use the alpaca, but when I noticed that the pattern called for two 1000 yard hanks, I realized my 650 yards of DK/sport weight was only going to give me a scarf. A lovely scarf, to be sure, but what I want is a lace shawl.

Suddenly I had nothing on the needles. I was even forced to pull out the Encore and cast on a new blanket square. I didn't like this being project-less thing. There was only one possible solution: buying new yarn.

Stay tuned. (Not for very long, I promise).

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