Friday, June 1, 2007

What's in a Name?

I really wanted the name "Still Life with Yarn" because yarn/knitting photography will be a major focus of this blog, but it was already taken. Dang! Back to the drawing board ... it took me another two weeks to find another name that I liked. The Yarn Harlot mentions that yarn (or, if I recall correctly, one's stash) is full of potential in her latest book, Casts Off. I read that and thought, Yes.

The potential of yarn - that is what my blog is about. The beauty of each ball, skein, or hank. The fibers that make it up. The colors. The project. The stitches. The selection of knit and purl. The pattern. It has the potential to become something great, or good, or infuriating - but fun, always fun.

Right now in my knitting life, I'm not a fast knitter. I have time management issues (i.e., too much that I want to do with my time), a life outside of knitting (seriously!), and tendinitis in my right arm and shoulder. I hope my photography will make up for slow project progress in term of blog interest.

Also right now in my knitting life (about 14 months since I picked up my first skein and pair of circulars) I am especially fond of cables, especially intricate Celtic ones, a la Alice Starmore and
Elsebeth Lavold's Viking Patterns for Knitting. I am also consumed with a desire to learn openwork or lace. I dream of a lace shawl, or five.

Thanks for joining me on the journey.


phoenix said...

Good luck with your blog!

Lolly said...

How exciting! Welcome to the knitblog world!