Sunday, June 17, 2007

Simple Hat WIP

This is my second hat, but I don't have pictures of the first hat uploaded yet, so I'll save the first hat mojo for a future post. I mention this now because, although I was a bit annoyed by the first I hat I knit (I don't care so much for DPNs), when I finished it I was so delighted that I pulled a skein of yarn (Patons Decor 75% acrylic and 25% wool) out of my partner's stash and immediately cast this on for her.

I was good and knit a swatch. I calculated how many stitches to cast on for her 21" head and proceeded to carry the project around with me and spend a good day knitting. I do like how portable hats are, especially since many of the projects I work on (cables and lace) require charts.

The first issue I encountered was the yarn. I like the colorway a lot and how it knit up (no pooling at all) but it bled up a storm, dying my hands and my bamboo needles purple. Lovely. Then I measured it ... and discovered that I had done a very gross mathematical error when figuring the number of stitches to cast on, and it was 7 inches too big. Yes, seven.

Frog, recalculate, cast on again, knit, and make my partner try it on repeatedly as I progressed.

This time there was pooling, but in an interesting lazy spiral pattern. My partner liked it, so I kept going.

It took three tries to finish off the crown, but is now done and just requires the good washing to rinse away any remaining dye before my partner can wear it. A picture of the finished hat to come.

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Kent said...

It makes me sad to see it dye the needles :(

The stripe is nice though, hope it doesn't bleed too much after the first wash?